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Is your child a budding artist? 

Are you a student looking to improve your portfolio, or gain practical tips for your visual arts course?

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As well as being a practicing artist, I am also a fully qualified teacher and I am delighted to offer a range of creative home tutoring options:

For children:

Fun, creative and thoughtful lessons centred around the story of an artist, their practice, and how to use a skill expressively. 

Each lesson will feature a new artist, and introduce the learner to a new way of working. There will be opportunities for talk, story-telling, and practicing and improving artistic techniques, as visual literacy as well as technical skill help to build the foundation of successful artistic expression.

I can offer lessons in your home (London only) or via Zoom.

The artists featured are diverse and reflect a broad swathe of our global society.


For students:

For GCSE and A-Level students, and anyone else of any age looking to improve their portfolio, I offer thoughtful and investigative sessions designed to inspire each student to dig deeper into creative briefs and truly express themselves. 

We may focus on technical skill within visual art, research techniques, annotation methods or on putting together a successful portfolio. 
Lessons will include time for reflection, a thought-provoking discussion of artistic themes and the chance to practice both technical and oratory skills.

I can offer lessons in your home (London only) or via Zoom.


Competitive prices offered- feel free to get in touch for a quote.

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