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Kemi Athene Pennicott



 Kemi Athene Pennicott is first and foremost a teller of stories.

With a memory like a collector's box, she is inspired to create endless poignant tales that reflect and inspire as well as entertain. She currently illustrates the children's books that she writes and also works on commission. She also enjoys  cooking delectable vegan treats, making jewellery and imagining alternate worlds.


   She has a versatile drawing style that can fit any brief or purpose, and is always available to hear new queries surrounding bespoke illustrations, art direction, character creation, prints and cards. Feel free to contact her via the contact page, on social media.





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Out Now!
'Twin Tales: Hand in Hand Across the World', written by Elizabeth Stewart and illustrated by Kemi Athene Pennicott is out now on Amazon. Get yours
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